Our Compagny

As far I as can remember, I always loved socks. Colored socks, sport socks. For me, it was always a way to define myself, who I am. By their colours, by their style.

“Homeclub” for us means: this place where you feel like you belong. Where you feel like home. In the golf industry, when somebody says “his home club”, you know, right away, that he’s talking about is place.

Homeclub Socks is the reunion of three friends, entrepreneurs, wanting to propose socks that are different, that stand alone, that won’t make you go unnoticed on the course.

One print at the time, one design at the time, Homeclub Socks wants to find a place on every golf foursome and every golf club in the world.

Golf is fun, and so are your new socks!

                                                    Max Lalonde
                                        President, Co-funder                       

Our team